How I Almost Lost My Freedom and My Life Savings Because of My God-Awful Business Decisions - I Bet You're Doing the Same Too

You'll Be Shocked to Find Out What Can Happen If You Keep Repeating This Mistake

You've Cut Corners And You've Been Holding Off On Scaling Your Business For Far Too Long. It's Time For Major Change.


Note: This story will make you angry and you’ll end up questioning your business and life decisions as a whole.

Hi, I’m Jamie.

I used to dropship cheese. Yeah, you usually don’t hear much about dropshipping food, right?

Me neither. That’s exactly why I thought it would become HUGE.

But it didn’t. Instead, it nearly got me IN JAIL.

Are your business practices fringing on legality? Or worse, putting people in danger? Have you ever thought about this?

I didn’t. And I nearly paid the price.

I thought that I could get away with cutting corners. But cutting corners will only get you so far.

Sure, you might win big bucks at first. But you’ll end up miserable in the end. You might even end up homeless. Ask any crypto investor who started out at Bitcoin’s peak in 2017. How did that turn out for them?

Point is, I learned three valuable lessons from this experience. This is the first that hit me the hard way so that you don’t have to:


1. Hustle Culture Is the Biggest Bullshit You Can Ever Get Yourself Into


I used to be just like many beginner eCommerce entrepreneurs. Disorganized yet witty. I thought my brains could get me through anything.

I would just drop ship anything from the shadiest sources at a premium price and call it a day. No checking, no improvements, no branding. Just a big ol’ SALE SALE SALE sign.

So, like I was saying - one of my businesses involved dropshipping cheese.

I didn’t much care about the source or how it was transported. Or how it was deposited. Nothing like that.

I was just the guy selling. The rest wasn’t my job. And it worked well for a while. I would find some desperate country farmers from poor Eastern European countries like Romania or Poland where you can get this stuff super cheap.

And then I would inflate the price and sell it to rich Western Europe customers and the US while marketing it as the most delicate, luxury, mouth-watering cheese you’ll ever get.

Truth be told, there was nothing wrong with the cheese itself. It wasn’t anything fancy like what you’d get from Italy or France, but it was damn good.

However, as you might know, cheese needs to be kept in special conditions for it to stay fresh.

Mine wasn’t kept well. I made a deal with some shady third party logistics and fulfilment centers who had “acquaintances” at each border checkpoint.

This Lack of Ethics Ended Up Burning a Hole In My Pocket and My Soul

Long story short, a woman who bought cheese from my website received an expired product. She just thought it was one of those smelly cheeses like the ones from France.

Pretty soon, she ended up in the hospital with a severe case of food poisoning. The infection got so bad that it almost took her life.

This led to a very nasty court case with my digital entity, third party logistics and fulfilment centers, and all other parties involved. Since I was the one she actually ordered from, I had to pay the most lawyer fees.


I couldn’t believe it… what would mom think of me? If she was alive, she wouldn't have even been angry. She would’ve just been bitterly, bitterly disappointed in me.

Risking going to jail… for what? For money? Shame on you! I didn’t raise you like this! I can already hear her voice…

This got me through one of the longest and most agonizing periods of my life. Ultimately, I ended up paying a hefty amount of money to the poor woman and some ungodly lawyer fees.

However, I did end up learning the second most valuable lesson:

2. Cutting Corners, Being Cheap, and Thinking Short-Term Is Only “Profitable” For a While


This is a side effect of hustle culture. When you’re hustling, you’re never thinking about the bigger picture. All you want is to make as much money as soon as possible and with as little investment as possible.

This isn’t the way to succeed. It’s the long and arduous road to becoming a scammer. You’re losing your soul, your money, and your dignity.

As I said, I nearly ended up in jail for putting that woman in a hospital. It wasn’t my intention to do so. But it’s not like the justice system cared. After all, I didn’t care about standards either, so I had it coming.

When you lose so much money battling the courts… when your sleep is no longer restful for months on end… when you think you’re about to lose it all - that’s when you’ve truly hit rock bottom.

I learned the hard way to stop being like this. Don’t fall into the same trap I did. Instead, try getting into the mentality of the third and final lesson that this journey has thought me:

3. Not Having Systems In Place and Settling For Less Than The Best Will Get You Nowhere Fast


Your customer’s journey and how your services impact their lives are what will scale your business in the long run.

Now, I’m not here to tell you exactly how to run your business. That’s up to you. You should research and study your business, your market, and your competitors inside and out.

After all, if you throw away hustle culture and focus on actually becoming better, you’ll definitely figure it out on your own.

However, there is one thing that you probably haven’t figured out yet. And that is how to market your business efficiently.

Most people who want to scale their business end up using inconsistent media buyers. Or expensive copywriters. Or they work with multiple agencies that overpromise and underdeliver.

However, working like this isn't efficient. Video without media buying is rubbish. Media buying without good copy is bullshit. Superstar copy without a solid funnel is dust in the wind.

Are you starting to get the picture? One thing can't work without the other. Your right hand needs to know what your left hand is doing so they can work in tandem. It's the same thing with everything marketing and business-related.

I Started My Improvement Journey With a Broken Heart And a Growth Mindset


You bet your ass I started reading every business book out there. I attended every possible seminar, every workshop, and every speaking event imaginable.

Even some of the most admirable entrepreneurs I spoke to all had their problems. It seemed as if no one knew the exact formula for success. That is until I finally started doing business again and making enough dough to attend more professional events.

All the best entrepreneurs out there, all the most recognizable names in the business industry have one thing and one thing only in common: SYSTEMS!

Their entire company culture is built around systems, not the other way around. This thing got me thinking…

Alright, I have my system for running my business all down to a tee. For real, once I talked to a business coach, I didn’t have any more problems with actually running my company. The only ordeal was finding the right people to “play” along with.


Cause without a structured and cohesive marketing team, you’ll always be stuck coordinating people instead of actually making high-level decisions.

Then It finally hit me…

I needed a marketing partner. I needed someone who could actually do my work and automate it so that I could focus on the other things that mattered.

If I could find such a partner, all my customer acquisition worries would practically be taken care of.

I Needed a System to Entice Customers And Show Them The Value Of What I Was Offering


That’s when I saw Sam’s O’s speech. What he said inspired me like no one else did. I had to meet the guy and get him to coach me.

I found out so much that I didn’t even think about. Like systemizing even the most basic processes in my company. Or using advanced methodologies to set objectives. I have heard about KPIs, but never about OKRs.

This guy was so confident and brilliant in what he said and the way he said it that it just made sense.

But that’s not even what shocked me the most.


I couldn’t believe it, but it was real. How?! How is it possible to sell not only a product, but a product that wasn’t even out yet?

Storytelling, Direct Response & Emotional Psychological Triggers = More Customers, Low Costs & High ROAS


Sam actually made a system that combined multiple marketing tactics into one cohesive thing.

When I saw how well all of these principles roll together, I felt as if I had discovered the wheel. More specifically, the flywheel to success.

Oh, and it didn't stop there. My jaw dropped when I learned that you can scale hard and fast just by systemizing your marketing.

His newest business, DSS Agency, used these tactics to skyrocket their business to new heights. They were just starting out and they already rolled numbers that I couldn’t even dream about.

So I had the honor of being one of the very first clients and I can safely say that…

I Found Every Business Owner’s Dream

Owning a company that practically runs on autopilot, allowing you the freedom to focus on higher-level stuff.

The beautiful thing is, when you find out how to do it once, you can do it again, again, again, and again. You’ll basically have an eCommerce cash machine. I can say that I gladly vouch for him. Here’s what he and his team offer:

How It Works

  • Have a high-level consultation
  • Deep dive customer research to create your blue ocean
  • Optimization for branding, copywriting, video production, media buying
  • It all comes together and culminates into a high-level funnel that converts like crazy
  • Continually optimizing and tweaking your funnels to increase CTR and profits
  • This is not a one and done thing, but a continual partnership - They see my business as if it's theirs

Branding CRO

This is the foundation for everything. It includes copywriting ingredients, detailed customer avatars, brand lexicon, and a full branding guide that will make your business stand out.

Video Production CRO

Use systemized scene testing to optimize video ads in a continuous feedback loop. Modular interchanging of scenes to optimize based on the feedback. Video editing, script writing, and everything in between included.

Media Buying CRO

Everything from split-testing ads to omni-channel implementation and optimization is here. Sam and his team have full control of ad distribution to generate leads, increase CTR, and skyrocket ROAS.

Copy & Funnels CRO

This is what skyrockets conversion rates for your entire marketing ecosystem. Sam and his team optimize and test landing pages alongside the feedback loops from media buying and video production to create an engaging and authentic customer journey.

Why It’s Great For You

  • Watch your brilliant business run on auto-pilot
  • Scale hard and fast without you needing to be in the business
  • Fully focus on the business and high-level decision making
  • Get high-converting funnels all in one place
  • Make your prospects have zero resistance to buying
  • Custom mix of compelling storytelling, direct response, and emotional triggers

Watch Your Business Scale To The Moon 🚀

If you’re still not convinced about what this system can do for you, just look at what other people have to say about it:

Susan, 28, Bristol  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I didn’t know how and where to deploy my marketing budget for the best ROI. Since working with DSS it’s all become clear. My business is finally reaching its true potential.

Tom, 34, Detroit  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I can finally focus on my business, instead of being stuck in the business. I’ve managed to hire the key people I’ve needed in my team for years.

Oliver, 37, Los Angeles  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I was feeling stuck. I can’t believe how easy it is now to scale my business to the moon with the right marketing partner.

Oh, one more thing: If you don't get the results the first time, Sam and his team will keep going together with you until you do!

Choose Your Ideal Customer Acquisition Package

Every entrepreneur has different needs, that’s why this system comes in
different packages for you to choose from.


Warning: They don't work with just anyone. Building these funnels takes a lot of hard work and commitment from their side. So they are looking for the very best founders, entrepreneurs and marketers who have what it takes.

Come and speak with us and see if we are the right fit for each other.