We are only as good as the systems we build

We are individuals who come together every day with one goal: to optimise and iterate our system so our machine can continue to run at the highest standard. This empowers us to persevere and scale to our fullest potential.

Meet The Founder

Sam Olawale

Inspires Change

Sam is a self-taught millionaire system master and the founder of DigitalSuperSystems.com

He champions systemisation and automation and has used these principles to create real wealth.

Sam’s pioneering approach to business fundamentals has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their businesses to earn multiple 7 and 8-figures.

“You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent”
- Revolver (Guy Richie)

Sam's Road To Systems & Success

Hi, I’m Sam Olawale and I wanted to tell you a bit about my journey.

I grew up in the UK in a modest family that yearned for their son to be a doctor, or a lawyer or something... you know, praise-worthy.

But I’m one of those people passionate about numbers and with a real knack for finding patterns.

So I ended up being the rebel who studied economics and financial markets.

3 years later, university finished and real life began. I was given a certificate that claimed I was smart and I was ready to take on the world. Or so I thought.

I landed a job as a stockbroker in London. You know what that means, right? I was your usual dick in a suit. Young, dumb and full of shit.

I thought I was adding “successful” to my resume when, less than a year in, I was making what I thought was a GREAT living!
But I hated every second of it.

Up at 5am, on to the hour-long train ride, followed by 10 hours stuck in an office.

The daily round of drinks with the guys helped take the edge off, but it was 1 am by the time I got back home. Chronically tired, miserable and unsatisfied, with zero prospects on the horizon...

“E-commerce” was not a well known concept back then.
But I knew I had to make a change instead of slowly dying.

And it would have to be a drastic change or I'd end up regretting my choices for the rest of my life.

Somehow I knew the worst was yet to come

So I quit my job in the city and moved to The Costa Del Sol for a property investment role.

Fast forward a few years later and I’m a serious player in the business as Sales & Marketing Director.

Big corner office, huge monthly commissions and a social life to write home about … you would have thought I’m living the high life.

I was swiftly headhunted for a top job in Dubai and after 4 happy years of living it up in the UAE...

It was then when the chatter intensified and I started hearing more and more about the new craze of “making money online”.

So I bit the bullet and left the corporate world behind, knowing in my bones that the road ahead was going to be long and painful.

I just couldn't get out my own head

I started looking at the different online business models and studied every strategy under the sun.

I had a simple purpose: to learn and apply as much as possible and figure out, somewhere down the line, where exactly I belonged in the fascinating world of e-commerce.

Soon enough the ugly truth struck me: I was a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Somewhere within all the knowledge and experience I had gained, there was the key that would eventually unlock something great. And I had to find it.

The world of E-commerce set me free

2 years and a lot of mistakes later, I had tried every online business model out there.

Dropshipping, print on demand, amazon... you name it, I tried it.

When I finally found my sweet spot in e-commerce, I poured my entire heart and soul into it.

I stayed laser-focused on developing only one strategy.

Slowly but surely, I started gaining traction and financial rewards followed.

And the crazy thing is: the key to my success had nothing to do with the strategy I was using.

I Thought Hustling Was My Super Power

(*Spoiler Alert: It Wasn’t!)

I spent 16-hour work days doing everything in my business.

From getting leads, to customer service, to accounting, to cleaning my own growing office. If you can think of it, I did it.

I was hustling day & night and got crazy pleasure out of it.

Being busy was such a thrill, I thought the more I hustle and the harder I work, the better results I'd get.

I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

Now I strongly believe it’s not healthy to be hustling for hustle’s sake. And I certainly know this approach won’t get you anywhere fast!

When you keep hustling, at some point you hit diminishing returns. So I hit my own plateau.

Now supported by a small team of 5 highly competent people, I was making a hard-earned 7 figure income.

We had the skill and ability to launch a new e-commerce brand and have it bring in a multiple 6 figure income in less than 4 months.

But I had a very clear understanding of the true, massive wealth that e-commerce can bring. So I knew I was nowhere close to reaching my potential.

The problem? I had no idea how to step up to the next level.

In my small corner of the world, success opened me up to public speaking - a true passion I’ve had for a long time.

The more people learned about my business model, the more proposals came my way to launch other people's brands as successfully as my team and I do it.

Now, how big does a tree grow? Well, it grows as big as it can. So I had the tree philosophy.

I wanted us to grow as big as we can, but I had no idea how to expand this and multiply my team's efforts.

My Team and Our Systems Are the Real Super Power !

My mission was to discover how to scale as fast as possible without the wheels falling off of what we were trying to build.

I knew we had to completely deconstruct and rebuild what we were doing.

And unbeknownst to us, we were sitting on something that was valuable to everybody we knew.

Our business model is complex and with a lot of components that take mountains of creativity. That’s what gives us the edge in the marketplace.

But our true value lays in our ability to take that creative complexity that’s at the core of our business, break it down into the essential components, and turn it into super effective systems that can be scaled and run like clockwork.

The key to taking my business to the next level was staring me in the face.

Our entire business model, documented into a standard operating procedure - that was it! The complete system my team was using to invent brand new products and launch our e-commerce brands on autopilot.

All we had to do was organise our entire structure into a network of systems that gives us the ability to optimise, automate and grow our team.

Our epiphany was realising that our ability to make money was nothing but a by-product of our real superpower: our ability to turn everything into a system.

The Flywheel of Excellence and Scale

So I enlisted my team, which had by then grown into a 15-strong powerhouse, in our most important mission to date.

Together, we documented every single challenge we overcame, every lesson we learned and every bridge we crossed.

We discovered that the key is a repetitive cycle of applying, learning, iterating, then applying again.

We used that to build super valuable systems that can be implemented in any business you want to optimise, automate and scale.

And we use DigitalSuperSystems.com to share it all with as many entrepreneurs as possible.

The System Mastery Program

This has been years in the making.

3 amazing systems that will work hand in hand to transform your business and your team.

I truly believe that if every business were to follow these systems, the effect they would have on the world would be… colossal.

Our entire journey in how we optimised, scaled and automated our businesses is the core of the System Building System.

If someone handed me a complete guide when I was in my 20s and just starting my business, I would be light years ahead of where I am now.

Having used it for years, I know it’s incredibly powerful.

And once you’ve optimised your business, how do you optimise your people?

That’s where the Team Management & Productivity System comes in. Your team will become absolute ninjas at being productive and it will make it super easy for you to grow your team and your business organically and manage it all without it costing you an arm and a leg.

And because all good things come in threes, we got your back with a Recruitment System so you can hire top talent that will continue to build and execute your systems.

And we package it all into the System Mastery Program which helps you 10x your time, your team and your business without hustling 24/7-365. The System Mastery program teaches you when to go hard AND when to slow down.

Why Now ?

I genuinely believe that my team and I have cracked the code of success.

It’s nothing special, there’s no secret sauce and we’re not reinventing the wheel. We simply unlocked the power of systemisation.

But being in this business, I’ve been reading a book a week for the past 5 years. I’m thirsty for knowledge so I read, watch and listen to pretty much every business related talk, podcast, book or speaker out there.

And it quite frankly pisses me off.

I hate the “motivational crack” that has millions of people addicted to what they want to hear.

You could call this my stand against the fake gurus - and I hope you’ll join me.

I’m really against listening to people who sell you on dreams, but never take the time to explain real business principles - the stuff that’s actually useful to you.

Look, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, online or offline.

Successful business principles are timeless and universal!

Ironically though, they’re forgotten in this day and age, because people sell you on making money instead of teaching you the tools and foundations of what it takes to build a really successful business.

I believe entrepreneurs are being underserved all around.

I’m sure you’ve realised that the traditional educational system is no longer up to the task.

The marketplace of knowledge falls massively short of meeting the mark as well.

There are great teachers out there, but they are rare and only accessible to the select few, by luck or chance.

I say no more.

We want to make system mastery available to everyone, because we know its tremendous power. Systems are at the very core of any business. Heck they are at the core of nature, of life itself.

For a small business that’s struggling, this is the path to becoming a big business.

For big businesses in any domain, the correct systems put in place will ensure they will forge a highly valuable asset that will last for generations.

I get an incredible thrill out of seeing the entrepreneurial spirit thrive.

So when you apply our systems and truly understand their magic, please make sure to drop us a quick message and share your success.

It will have justified all our efforts and it would have made it all worth it!

& Unleash Your Super Powers

System 1


The Ultimate Method To Simplify, Optimise, Automate & Scale Any Business

System 2

Recruitment System

The Fully Automated, Out The Box System To Hire Top Talent To Build & Execute Your Systems

System 3

Team Management & Productivity System

The Productivity System Will 10x Your Team's Output And Make It Easy For You To Oversee And Manage

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