3 Important Things Before Our Call !!
Step 1: Show up to the call

Don’t be that person that signs up and promises you’ll be there and doesnt show up…We respect your time and hope that you respect our time.
Show up on time and ready on Zoom.

Calendar invite with Zoom link is in your email/calendar
If you miss your call without letting us know, we will cancel your appointment and add you to our DNC list.


Step 2: Please Make Sure to Take the Call in a Peaceful, Non Interruptive Environment.

We've had cases where people showed up on the call whilst ordering McDonalds at the drive thru. Don’t be like them. (Unless you order something for our growth consultant)

Please be punctual, and have a stable internet connection.


Step 3: Be Prepared for the Call

In order to avoid follow ups, we ask you to have your business partner, spouse or pet goldfish attend the call as well.
If that is not possible, please let them know in advance of our call, let them prepare questions for the call you’ll be having.


With that being said - Beyond excited to be speaking with you!