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The following brands were taken through some of our master systems:

  • Systemized video production
  • Powerful video optimization
  • System for video ads split-testing
  • Strategic omni-channel media buying
  • Advanced targeting optimization & testing
  • Funnels with personalized angles
  • Checkout & upsell optimization
  • Complete top-notch brand epic
  • Deep dive competitor research
  • Compelling website copy


How we generated a $10 Million worth of pre-sales for BeYou Chair


Brand Story

The BeYou Chair empowers you to relax while working, be productive while stretching, and take back your freedom of movement.

BeYou is more than just sitting. It’s about reconnecting with yourself every day. It’s about becoming happier, healthier, and more productive.

With the BeYou Chair, you enjoy the numerous benefits of Active Sitting - a concept inspired by human nature.

BeYou Goals

The BeYou Chair aims to change the way people sit for the better. Our bodies move even while we sleep, so it’s only natural to move while awake.

That’s the main reason for the brand name - BeYou allows you to be yourself. We aim to build a transforming furniture empire. One that sets people free.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable ergonomic chairs or overpriced gaming chairs. With the BeYou Chair, we aim to make people live a more comfortable, productive, and healthier lifestyle.


Launching at first as a pre-order and not a ready-made product, getting people in on the action proved to be a challenge.

We had to prove to the world that the BeYou Chair was worth the wait and the price.


We overcame the obstacles BeYou Chair faced with simple and efficient strategies:

  • Made the pre-order process seamless and transparent
  • Constantly updated backers about the development
  • Created social media campaigns to attract new backers
  • Systemized the entire process to bring the price down without sacrificing quality
  • Showcase the full list of benefits front and center
  • Written a stellar FAQ section to clarify any uncertainties
  • Made the specs and features clear as day to boost credibility
  • Built a solid community of backers and fans before the product even launched


How we generated a $2 Million worth of sales for LiteTravel


Brand Story

We started LiteTravel because, as fellow travelers, we understand your need to stay light and very organized, no matter how far or for how long you travel.

We believe that traveling is a cure-all that helps you enjoy the most out of life. That’s why we aim to make it easier for you.

Products need to solve issues, not be the source of them. So we bring you new and revolutionary travel solutions so you don’t have to worry about packing ever again.

LiteTravel Goals

Lite Travel aims to become a household name for travel products. Qubix 2 has shown the world that packing can be made easy.

With products like Qubix 2, the brand aims to bring packing cubes that take up less space yet hold more items. Double compression and excellent materials make this item a must-have for all travelers.


Creating such innovative products is a challenge within itself. Taking something that exists and reinventing it takes time, patience, and a lot of testing.


All of our ideas and designs come from real-life situations that are universally shared by travelers just like yourself. Here’s what we did in that regard:

  • Reinvented classic products to make them more appealing
  • Created imaginative copy to make the user feel like traveling
  • Designed a modern, minimalist website to promote Qubix 2
  • Crafted a pre-order campaign that went viral and attracted over 5k backers
  • Systemized our production process to offer top quality for an affordable price
  • Written a stellar FAQ section to clarify any uncertainties
  • Made the specs and features clear as day to boost credibility
  • Showcased an amazing list of benefits to attract buyers

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