Your High CPMs, Low CTRs And Poor Website Conversion Rate Is More Than Just A Problem - It’s A Warning Sign

This conversion funnel system is the secret weapon elite marketers tried to keep secret

//, By Sam O. Co-Founder DSSA

Attention All Professional 8+ Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Only


Note: After reading, you’ll probably never spend another penny on marketing without giving your product or brand the best chance to scale…

Multiple newly launched brands use this to scale to 8+ figures. What is it about our funnels that has them celebrating?

If your marketing results never give you the ROAS you desire, it’s because you're bleeding money at every step. This is a warning sign that something deeper inside your business is very wrong and it’s up to every serious entrepreneur who wants to succeed to act fast!

Aren’t you tired of being “IN” your business instead of working “ON” your business like a real CEO?

Do you long to oversee and coach a high-level team crushing it on autopilot so you can focus on making high-level decisions?

Then it’s time to take a major step in shifting how you acquire customers.

You’ve probably been through it all. You know how it is to lack time, money, resources, skill, and energy, constantly struggling with consistent PROFITABLE results!

With such excellent results, what is it about our system that makes brands scale to such heights?


Acquiring Customers Profitably as You Scale Is a Real Struggle That Keeps You Up At Night

You know you just don't have the team in-house to do it. So you decide to wait ages and pay ridiculous money for a fancy copywriter, without any guarantee of success.

Then you have to figure out the graphics, video editors, media buyers, social media managers, landing page builders, email marketing, etc…

And the next major problem: they are all fragmented between in-house, freelancers, or different agencies. Everything and everyone is completely misaligned.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Collaborating with multiple parties to achieve a single goal is painful, inefficient, and time-consuming.


Who would’ve thought a fully optimized funnel would be the “game-changer” for scaling brands to 8 figures and beyond?

Many entrepreneurs think hustle culture is the only way to scale their business to the moon. Are you one of them?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s high time you finally find out the secret sauce to scaling success.

Change what isn’t working, or keep getting the same poor results.

You know what they say. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.

Stop driving yourself mad! It’s time you traveled on the path to success.

Revolutionize How You Get Customers With A Few Simple Steps


Are you a drop shipper? Do you want to turn your winning products into proper brands that scale hard and fast? Of course you do!

Or maybe you’re a successful brand owner who wants to unlock a whole new profitable revenue stream that scales hard and fast.

We’ve got the perfect systems and formulas that have been battle tested to work on any type of product, service, or business that wants scaling super fast.

Use This Customer Acquisition System to Build Seductive Funnels That Turns Traffic Into Customers. You’ll Finally Be Free To Focus On High-Level Decisions.


Why worry about being in the business when you can step aside and let experienced data-driven marketing pioneers take care of hard work so scaling becomes easy for you?

We use high-performance CRO systems to make sure you crush your business goals. We’ve already scaled our own brands to multiple 8+ figures. So we’re 100% confident we’ll do it for you, just like we’ve helped many before you.

This system optimizes everything from A to Z. Customer research, video production, advertorials, product pages, media buying and so much more.

Storytelling, Direct Response, And Emotional Psychological Triggers = More Customers, Low Costs & High ROAS.

Nearly every marketer has heard of these techniques at one point or another. However, not nearly enough use them all to great effect.

Wouldn’t you love a partner who has mastered all of the key elements and combines them in such a way that your customers simply won’t be able to resist buying from you?

Too good to be true right? No, not really. You see, the truth is, that 99% of people won't take action even when you show them it works.

It’s like losing weight and getting fit, we all know what to do, but we always seem to find an excuse not to do it. Unfortunately, you can’t get someone else to do your push-ups for you.

But when it comes to acquiring new customers, the good news is you actually can get someone else to do that for you!


We Know How Hard It Is To Build A Profitable Business, Hire A Brilliant Team & Become The CEO You Always Knew You Could Be.

It’s every business owner’s dream: owning a company that practically runs on autopilot. Allowing you the freedom to focus on higher-level stuff.

If you’re wondering how you too can make this happen, keep on reading below. You’ll be surprised by how intuitive everything becomes once we analyze what you're doing and come up with something completely new and innovative THAT WORKS!

In the long run, wouldn't you love to sell your business and exit for life-changing money?

The beautiful thing is, once you know how to do it once, you can do it again, again, again, and again. You’ll basically have an eCommerce cash machine.

How It Works

  • Check out our packages
  • Choose the package that suits you best
  • Let us work our magic (in a short time)
  • Take your customer acquisition to new levels and skyrocket your ROAS
  • Have more time to focus on high-level decisions

Why It’s Great For You

  • Watch your brilliant business run on auto-pilot
  • Scale hard and fast without you needing to be in the business
  • Fully focus on the business and high-level decision making
  • Get high-converting funnels all in one place
  • Make your prospects have zero resistance to buying
  • Custom mix of compelling storytelling, direct response, and emotional triggers

Watch Your Business Scale To The Moon 🚀

Still not convinced? No problem. We have great partners to back us up on our promise. And we even promise you something that very few dare to promise: If you don't get the results the first time, we will keep going together until you do!

Just take a look below and see for yourself.

Susan, 28, Bristol  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I didn’t know how and where to deploy my marketing budget for the best ROI. Since working with DSS it’s all become clear. My business is finally reaching its true potential.

Tom, 34, Detroit  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I can finally focus on my business, instead of being stuck in the business. I’ve managed to hire the key people I’ve needed in my team for years.

Oliver, 37, Los Angeles  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I was feeling stuck. I can’t believe how easy it is now to scale my business to the moon with the right marketing partner.

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