Why Do We Feel So Limited & Disempowered At Times?

The title might be true for some people, but rest assured that it is not a “truth” and realise that life is for the taking, and it is easier than you think or are willing to accept!

The world as we know it is forever evolving and we have virtually limitless access to a world of information. As the Internet continues to grow, never before has information been more freely available to us. Everything you need to become “greatness”, in any aspect of your life, has already been tested and documented by someone who is successful in that field.

You Must Chase Your Aspirations If You Want To Live Life On Your Terms!

Living in an information-based, interconnected world comes with a drawback: more and more ‘things’ (such as work, the mortgage, your phone or laptop, and more worldly issues like scenes of war, terrorism, famine, suffering etc.) have easier access to you in everyday life and end up demanding your time and attention.

Time is arguably the only commodity that has any real value and we tend to forget that each one of us only has a limited amount, once it is spent that moment is gone forever.

Consistently asking yourself if you make the most of your time will eventually lead to liberation. Simply because questioning is a natural precursor to shinning light on your actions and behaviour, and eventually a person who is honest with themselves at least has a chance to take action and make lasting change in their lives.


If you don’t look you can’t see. If you don’t see, you can’t plan. If you don’t plan, you can’t change. If you don’t change, you can’t evolve. And if you don’t evolve you will never live life on your own terms!

The information needed for you to succeed is already available and stories of successful results are virtually everywhere, but how much time you choose to devote towards learning from the best and making yourself a better person is ultimately what will determine your results.

When you truly buy into the concept of investing into yourself, life can work wonders for you. Ok… it’s easier said than done, but there’s no better time to start than now!

In order to inspire positive changes in your life you need to become more than you are today. You need to do more, be more and live more, and never stop aspiring to be the best you can be.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking to improve, it could be something mental, physical, or financial. Someone somewhere has already done it, and most likely started from a much more compromising situation than you currently are in, so what is your excuse?

What keeps you from standing up and taking back your sovereignty? You deserve to be the person you want to be and owe it to your family, friends, the people around you and most importantly yourself, to forever flourish on this planet we call earth!

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change — Michael Jackson

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