WAKE — WORK — EAT — SHIT — SLEEP — REPEAT: Surely There Is More To Life Than This?

This tends to be the modus most people are accustomed to, but it is imperative that you break this cycle in order to fulfil any aspirations you have. It might seem counter intuitive since we all must awaken each morning, do some sort of “work” to earn money, eat and nourish the body, then get enough sleep to function the next day!

Take solace in the fact that everyone in the world, rich, poor, successful and unsuccessful alike have asked themselves these sorts of questions.

But the real underlying question is really aimed at how you fill your time when you are not doing basic essentials of everyday life?

Surely you were put on this earth for more than this!?

What happened to the zest for life you had when you were younger and where did it all go?

Did it drain out of you slowly as the rigours and abrasions of life took its toll? Years of school and potentially higher education with little to show for it, apart from some debts and a mild drug habit….

But What Next?…

Are you currently in the metaphoric pulpit of the blue/white collar organisation, where your boss acts as the preacher/dictator with his/her commands dominating your actions for the majority of your waking life?

You know deep down that this is not the life for you, and although you probably detest becoming the sad figure you now call a boss, you still can’t pull yourself away from the overwhelming lack of self-worth you feel at times.

Even if deep down you know you’re smarter and wiser than most of your peers or colleagues, you just can’t seem to express yourself or show anyone in any uncertain way (without coming across as a cocky shite) that you are an amazing person with unbounded potential.

And if only they would let you contribute in the way you wanted and dreamed about when you were a younger, you could have some wonderfully impacting ideas!!


But now I pose another question to you, did you even want this job in the first place? Like REALLY want it?

When you were 12 years old, about to step into adolescence and reach that wonderful milestone of becoming a teen,

what did you dream about BECOMING?.. compared to what you ended up DOING?

Is it even your fault when you consider the rotting socioeconomic system we live in? The educational system forces you to make decisions about your life from a very early age, potentially shaping your future forever!

I mean, how on earth are you supposed to know what you want to do at 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20?

Most people don’t even know what type of clothes, music, movies, or sexual preference they identify with until much later in life, and yet you’re supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 16… pffffff!

And even more pervasive, start making conscious decisions about it?!?!?

I imagine you have a lot of food-for-thought from this article, so I will leave you to ponder on this for a while…Enjoy :)

Just remember to always focus on anchoring yourself in the present!


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