The No Nonsense Morning Rituals That Actually Work

How many articles have you already read or came across that spoke about the morning rituals of the super successful and how they will turn your life around the minute you start putting them in practice?

My guess is at least a dozen and I used to be just as “yeah right” about it all as you are. So, this isn’t one of those articles…

From early morning dips in ice pools to time-consuming meditation breaks to sun gazing sessions, some rituals will leave you thinking you will be forever stuck in that frustrating state or whatever lack of fulfilment you might be experiencing. Unless you work from home or are single and without a bunch of imminent responsibilities (like children, mortgage, etc.), you should forget about trying to implement any rituals altogether! Or should you??

In my quest to studying and applying the success principles that brought the super intelligently wealthy people (the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tim Ferris and many, many others) to where they are today I came across a few constants, however, I understood that the ritual itself wasn’t what matters (although most people tend to focus on it exclusively), rather the result that ritual is meant to give or the change it is meant to generate.

Now, the starting point for adopting morning rituals is listing the goals you wish to achieve and objectively evaluating your current situation to understand what exactly needs to be changed, added or stopped to help you reach your goals.

If you start off thinking ughhh that’s impossible, I have responsibilities and a “real life” to look after, then you’ll never change anything at all.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that success principles that have been applied and demonstrated before need to be followed, so I’m definitely not speaking against the principles themselves.


However it is even more important to understand that creativity in finding the right variation to suit your circumstances or lifestyle is essential.

To give you a basic example, Tony Robbins, one of the most appreciated motivational speakers and personal growth gurus takes a dip in his ice pool as part of his morning rituals. Just because you don’t own a mansion with an indoor ice pool doesn’t mean that you can’t still get the result he does from his ice pool.

Whether it’s summer or winter, turn your shower tap fully cold and get under it for at least the same amount of time Tony spends in his ice pool. Want to make it even better? Take alternate (extreme cold to as hot as you can stand) showers for 10 minutes before starting your day (1 minute on each hot/cold cycle).The results (short and long term) will be the same — an immediate energy boost or improved circulation over time, to name a few…

So you gotta start somewhere and move consistently closer to your goals or desired lifestyle.

Here are a few rituals I’ve incorporated into my morning routine and that have helped me make incredible changes towards being more productive and having more free time for other high-efficiency tasks:

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Drink a glass of hot(ish) water with lemon

You don’t need a replacement for this one. It is affordable and it literally takes you 1 min to put together. When you consider the health benefits, I can’t think of any excuse to avoid or forget about this one.

Shower — you gotta do this anyway so rev it up to kickstart your physical mojo and give that alternate hot/cold option a try. The cold phase will be hard in the beginning, but suck it up and do it! You’ll be happy you did…

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” — Earnie Larson


Get into a positive mindset

This one is particularly important and will definitely have an impact in the outcome of your day. If you don’t have the time to squeeze in a yoga or meditation session, you can instead play a powerfully motivational video while you shower, get your lemon water ready, prep your children’s breakfast or ride the train/bus to your office.

Express gratitude

That’s another one that takes virtually no time while helping you take inventory of your life and count your blessings. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve got to be grateful for!

Check my journal

Yep, I keep a journal and I can’t tell you enough how putting pen to paper has completely changed my perspective, has made me more observant of my habits and more focused on activities and things to do that will have a positive impact on my future.

I record things like daily to-do lists (you can write these down before bedtime), monthly and yearly missions or daily mantras, it keeps me accountable for reaching what I set off to achieve while also helping me identify so many redundant activities that used to keep me busy with little to no productivity.

There’s much to say about establishing rituals and making sure you stick with it for long enough to increase your productivity and implement important, positive changes in your everyday life.

“The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers.” — Brian Tracy

The resources to draw inspiration from are virtually endless, you just need to be objective in the assessment of your current circumstances and establishing the goals you wish to achieve, a time frame to get there and a definite plan that will make your goals a reality within the set lead time.

So start a journal and get to work! No matter where you are at this point in your life, we can all get a little more efficient and productive so we can get closer to the kind of lifestyle we’re aiming to achieve.

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