The Cycle Of The Intelligent Yet Unfulfilled Human Existence

Here you are again, forever in search of….

You actually have no idea what precisely is wrong, but you know you aren’t quite where you would want to be in life, and when you look around you find that 99% of people are also falling short and feeling frustrated.

Is that new motivational post or video you stumbled across the other day the spark you needed to ignite your fire?

Is it a sign that life has finally conspired to deliver you to the greatness you always deserved?

Based on past experience, probably NOT!

You will most likely read, follow, subscribe to or share the notion of being better and becoming the best “you” for the proverbial 5 minutes before it’s back to the rat race.

What you’re not realising is that no matter how fast you run or how high you climb, you’re still going to be the proverbial rat, and the truth is, you won’t be winning the race. There is no gold medal at the end of this, there is no Usain Bolt-style adoration awaiting at the finish line.

You could, at best, end up with a stack of imaginary paper that you keep in a so-called respectable bank that you think is safe. But considering some of the atrocities the world bankers have gotten away with in recent years, you might as well save for your pension by putting your money under your mattress..

So What Should You Do?

Well, rather than trying to defibrillate yourself into action with the next self-help or money-making craze you can find, maybe it’s time to take a step back and smell the roses before it’s too late!!

We All Seem To Want It All & We Want Everything Right Now!

Fast track, fast cars, fast food, fast fixes and fast money. How long before we realise that this ‘fast’ approach is futile against solving problems and states we spent years (even decades) creating?

Being your best is what I always advocate, but instead of using shock-and-awe tactics to bounce back, try to approach things with an air of humility that can help you transcend in the here and now, so you can start to ascend in the morrow!

Does that sound a bit too philosophical?..

Let’s ask a more pragmatic question then … How do you anchor yourself in the present moment and appreciate the wonders of being alive? The wonder of breathing, of thinking, of touch, sound, smell, taste and ultimately love and companionship? How do you do that without being bogged down by the daily hurdles you need to jump to survive?

Did I say SURVIVE?

What Happened To LIVING?

How many of us have taken what we have for granted, our minds forever living in the future of what we are going to achieve, the greatness we are going to acquire, or (on the flip side) wishing we did things better in the past, wishing we could go back and change some of the decisions we made?

We constantly relapse into the past or float away in thoughts of the future

And very rarely do we live in the present moment.

This isn’t some new age babble to make you go out and meditate morning, noon, and night, but it is a very determined attempt to remind you of the value in appreciating the here and now so you can build a better tomorrow.

It’s hard to centre yourself with the strain and rigmarole of life pushing and pulling you everywhere. Bills to pay, kids to feed, deadlines to meet, and after all that, you deserve some fun too, right? But how do you find that anchor and stability?

It’s not going to come easy, it’s definitely not going to happen over night. It’s all about NOT following the fad for five minutes and then letting it go again. That actually does more harm than good, since you get older by the second and you lose a little piece of who you are each time you decide to pick up the motivational/self-help gauntlet only to let it slip away again.


I’m really begging you to watch this video until the end!

I PROMISE it will be the best 6 minutes of your day and make you a better person forever!

What this kid achieves is magical! It’s amazing what you can do when someone believes in you!

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