Knowledge Is Not Power! So What Is?..

Before you bash me for contradicting one of the most important things you’ve been thinking or told your whole life, I will just add this: Knowledge is only potential power.

Let me ask you something: if you know that traveling around the world for 6 months or 1 year will help you feel at peace with yourself and everybody around you, feel liberated and happy… would you drop everything right now and figure out how to travel??

If you know that smoking kills you (slowly but surely), are you going to stop smoking right now??

If you know your current job is leaving you frustrated and so exhausted you don’t have time or any energy left to spend with your family, go for a yoga class or pursue a life long aspiration, do you do anything to change that situation or simply settle, without any effort toward self-improvement?

If you answered yes, you can still keep reading and leave a comment to share your own view on the kind of power i’m talking about 😉 .

If you answered no, then isn’t it true that the knowledge of what would bring you happiness is only potentially empowering and it doesn’t become effective until you decide to act on that knowledge and set a plan to achieve your aspirations?

“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.” — René Descartes

Simply having knowledge will not take you closer to your goals, dreams or aspirations unless that knowledge is intelligently directed towards achieving those goals.

So how do you intelligently direct your knowledge?

First, it is important to remember that power doesn’t necessarily refer to money or a hierarchical position in an organisation or the society at large, however it can extend to that if it is what you are pursuing.

The meaning of power intended in this article is rather referring to each one of us making the most of all the information and resources we have easy access to and using it all to affect a positive change, feel better, healthier or make somebody else happy.

In the age of information, ignorance is indeed a choice and, however comfortable, it is disempowering and not conducive to progress.

Browsing through some of the posts the other day, I came across a basic, yet powerful example that illustrates the core idea of this article beyond any words.

Act Upon Your Knowledge! Be Somebody Else’s Reason To Smile Today!

Valera could have easily carried on with his day, but decided to act on what he had read and, as a result, he had such a wonderfully positive impact on his wife’s day (check out Valera’s comment in the photo to the left).

You can read the original story that inspired this article here

You have the power to break free from fear, to always learn and become better, to be calmer, healthier, happier, to make somebody else smile or work towards their own version of happiness. You Have The Power! Use It!

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