If Time Is The Only True Commodity, How Well Do You Spend Yours?

Take a second to answer this question: What day is today? You probably answered with the day of the week, the exact calendar date or both and I’m pretty sure you didn’t have much doubt beyond a possible slight confusion about the preciseness of your answer.

Okay, now if I go around and ask 10, 50 or a million other people the exact same thing, they will have the same answer (more or less, depending on their location in the world).

But how do we know that the answers are correct?

What proof, scientific or otherwise, supports the claim that we all accept the exact same concept of time to be true?

Isn’t it that, based on the above, time is among the most widely spread and commonly accepted dogmas of all times (pun intended 😀)?

Besides that, time is a resource very different to any other resource you can think of. Many things are valuable to each of us but, although we fail to understand and acknowledge it, none is quite as valuable as time.

Think about it: can you save, borrow, lend, multiply, produce or buy more time? No, you can’t! The only thing you can do with it is spend it. So you see, time is the only truly valuable commodity we have…

But do we really have time??

Here are just a few concepts about time that are universally understood and accepted:

  • Time doesn’t stop.
  • As time passes, our curiosity, flexibility, ability to learn, change and evolve tend to diminish if we don’t actively invest in ourselves. Even so, when you are fully committed to keeping yourself stimulated, engaged and constantly evolving, our time on Earth runs out relatively fast, precisely when you are looking at what has passed rather than what lays ahead.
  • We take time for granted and that prevents us from striving to live life to our full potential.

Ok, so time passes and you have no other choice but spend it. Now, if time is the only valuable commodity, how do you choose to spend yours? The answer to that question lays in your every day routine and it influences your overall quality of life and health. What do you think is the number one factor that dictates the way in which you chose to spend your time?

What if I told you it is your values? Your values are the number one factor that impacts the way you choose to spend your time every single day. Now the trick is in identifying the values you say you hold vs those that really shape your behaviour on a day to day basis.

If you tell me you value your health and fitness yet you can’t find time to go to the gym or the will power to eat healthy, something else is your true highest value. If you say you value your family but are so absorbed with work that you fail to spend quality time with your family every day, then work is in reality your highest value.

There’s a constant conflict between the values we say we hold highest and those we choose to spend our time by every day.

Acknowledging that conflict, identifying your real highest values and living up to it requires consistent effort towards eliminating the conflict and aligning your true values to the way you spend your time and, ultimately, your life.

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